How to Make a Cup of Milk Tea

Disclaimer : This is just a post consisting of  common captures, nothing well thought or well framed. If you find it unpleasing, then please forgive me for wasting your valuable time.

Tea, the love of my life. Any flavor, any brand, any taste – I’ll be there. Yet, to be a bit particular, I must admit that my most favorite flavor is Milk tea. Now, these photos don’t depict any sort of recipe. More likely a normal view of tea making from the makers perspective. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

01. Powder Milk

Step (optional) – Cut the pack and pour the Powder milk in a suitable glass jar.

02. Measuring Water

Step 01 – Measure a mug of water

03. Pour in the Cooking Pot

Step 02 – Pour the measured water in the cooking pot

04. Fire up the Stove

Step 03 – Light up the Stove and start boiling the water

05. Teaspoon of Powder Milk

Step 04 – Measure a teaspoon of Powder Milk and Pour it into the Mug

06. Teaspoon of Bengal Sugar

Step 05 – Measure suitable amount of Bengal Sugar( Made from pure Sugarcane) and pour it into the Mug

07. Hand Measure Tea

Step 06 – This is the critical part. Depending on your taste, measure suitable amount of tea with hand or spoon

08. Pour Tea in Boiling Water

Step 07 – Pour the measured tea in the water right before it starts to boil ( Before bubbles start to emerge)

09. Let the Color Settle

Step 08 – Heat the mixture until your desired color and density are achieved

10. Sieve the Prepared Tea

Step 09 – Pour the prepared the Mixture through a strainer in the Mug so that tea leaves don’t make their way into the final drink

11. Mix and Drink

Step 10 – Mix it properly with spoon. And start taking sip

This is the way I prepare my Milk tea. Cheers…!


My University : The Neglected Corners

Almost all university campuses on earth are bursting with life,joy and fun. BUET was an exception up to the year 2005. It was known as the nerd camp of Bangladesh. But somehow situation started to change, thanks to the effort of some energetic and extremely enthusiastic cultural activists. Now BUET campus has become one of the most culturally active, dynamic and joyous campuses in Bangladesh. Though the nerd camp identity has lost it’s glory ( You have to sacrifice your previous identity to some extent to achieve another brand new identity), the newfound Identity is celebrated here with utmost enthusiasm. Cultural functions, different competitive programs etc. keep happening in almost every week.

Positive change? or Negative? That decision is for the students to take. Yet, there are some lone runners who prefer the old identity over the new one. Deviation from the root purpose might cause the uprooting of academic Glory ( which is already happening).

I prefer to stay separated from all the fun and chaos. I enjoy the quite side of my campus, I love to walk on those corners where the already popular or wannabe popular never come. And I do love to capture those corners in my memory machine.

01 - Semi Shattered Window

There are numerous windows with half shattered glasses. Nobody cares. If somebody care, he can’t seek attention. Everybody has got many more important tasks… Yet, at least the entire glass is not broken. There is hope.

02 - Of Crows and Colors

BUET campus has one of the highest concentration of birds in Dhaka city, for it holds a lot of trees within its campus. Dhaka city is a concrete jungle without any sign of green in it. BUET campus is at least helping the birds to stay around this godforsaken city.

03 - PUET

The new academic building is one of the largest single academic buildings in south asia. The view is full of tranquility in Dusk, and I often spend a lot of time watching the sky and the light bathed building.

04 - The Untouchables

These metals serve very important purposes, yet neglected. Well, neglecting is inevitable…!

05 - The Barren Antena

Once upon a time, when cable network was nonexistent in this parts, this antenna was used to catch clear signal for the Television . Now it is out of service. Yet it is there, tolerating the battering of sun,rain,dew.

06 - Sunbathed Garden

Residential Halls have very well maintained Gardens. But the students don’t appreciate the gardens at all. Appreciation for Nature and it’s beauty is not a part of Modern Bengal culture. It’s all about hiring sound systems, arranging concerts, throwing away all the wastes here and there and polluting the entire campus. BLACK & WHITE makes sense now?

07 - The Never Used Path

Once upon a time this path was probably in service. Now, the only purpose it serves in addition to being photographed is holding the fallen leaves.

08 - Post Office - A Dying Breed

This is 21st century ! There is no place for a traditional post office in this fast moving world, let alone in this ultra fast moving university campus…

09 - Of Stars and Piercing Rays of Freedom

Few moths ago, a new monument was opened for the public in Suhrawardy Uddan. This is titled as ” Swadhinota Stambha”, which can be translated in English as Freedom Minaret. It involves lighting up the entire minaret in such a way that the light shall pierce the dark night as far as it can. A country where power outage is more common than the availability of power, yes, very appreciable(!) monument.

10 - Exit and Entry

The corridor through which I walk more than 10 times everyday. The entrance and exit way from my Hostel building.

Of all Insignificant Scenes from Streets

The streets of Dhaka city are not only about extremely contrasty light and shadows. Each street creates thousands of new stories,good deeds,act of kindness, lies,crimes and so on.

A very few number of these stories make their way to newspaper or to the lenses of contrast seekers. Some are noticed by the surrounded passers-by, and some are completely unnoticed and ignored.

This little endeavor of mine is to present some of the unnoticed and willingly ignored scenes with stories, which people usually don’t want to hear in Bangladesh.

01 - The Unnoticed Injustice

A significant number of children aged below 10 are seen everyday in the streets of Dhaka either carrying heavy loads above their head-shoulder or working in small scale factories/industries as labors. The risks are alarming even for adults, but children are carrying out those dangerous works. What I want to point out is, there are so many human rights-children rights-blah blah rights center around Dhaka city, and there are so many concerned officials from this organizations who are delivering speeches in TV, Radio and rolling out interviews in newspapers. Each day, they are using their luxurious private cars to roam around this city and watching these kids struggle. How many of those rights sellers actually came down from their car and helped out one single child? Not many I guess. You see, the colors on the gate are attractive than a stray child. Isn’t it? Irony.

02 - The Unguarded Chair

Wow, the guard left the chair at night without guarding(!) it, and no one stole it !!! Yes, this is a wonder around Dhaka city. You leave something unguarded, even a plastic chair or a single Brick, it’ll be gone before you realize. So strong social security we have… !

03 - A Bit of Shade

Even if it is 38 degree Celsius with 90% humidity, a man/woman has got work to do for a living. Breaking Bricks with a hammer under a burning sun is perhaps one of the toughest jobs on earth. An Umbrella can reduce the toil to some extent.

04 - Aggregate Crushing Factory(!)

We don’t use stone chips, we use Brick Chips for concrete. Bangladesh is unique.

05 - Couple of Insignificant Heatseeker

When you have no warm clothes, what do you do? Light up a fire ! They are lucky to have something to light up the fire at least.

06 - Hairdresser for the Lowlives

There are saloons where they charge 1,000-5,000 BDT for a single haircut. And there are saloons who can’t make 5,000 BDT after working for a whole month. But both of them essentially do the same thing. Strange world.

07 - The Soil Boring Mary-go-round

They can’t go to amusement parks, but they have construction sites to have a little test of amusement. Soil boring devices were left in the site, and this two kids made the maximum fun out of it.

08 - The Return of the Neglected

Garment workers returning from a Bazaar after buying their daily supplies.

09 - From Aristocrate to Lowlives

When it comes to saving money, everyone does their best. From office employees to Rikshaw Pullers, everyone takes their chance from flash sales like this. Basically the rejected or defected clothes from garments are collected and sold at a very cheap price. You don’t buy a shirt at 1-2$ everyday. Do you?

10 - The Lie Factory

The stores don’t get customers, but street shops get a lot. Why? Price. Nothing else.

11 - The Puller and the Seller

Shop owners need new net bags for next day, and Rikshaw puller needs a night of rest.

12 - Zilaapi Delights

Those who are accustomed to eating Fried chicken,pizza and other things sold on very very big shops and taking selfies won’t discover the taste of গুড়ের জিলাপি. Because it is perhaps so uncool…!

When I was preparing this post, I was not in a good state of mind. So, pardon me if my lines hurt your feelings.