How to Make a Cup of Milk Tea

Disclaimer : This is just a post consisting of  common captures, nothing well thought or well framed. If you find it unpleasing, then please forgive me for wasting your valuable time.

Tea, the love of my life. Any flavor, any brand, any taste – I’ll be there. Yet, to be a bit particular, I must admit that my most favorite flavor is Milk tea. Now, these photos don’t depict any sort of recipe. More likely a normal view of tea making from the makers perspective. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

01. Powder Milk

Step (optional) – Cut the pack and pour the Powder milk in a suitable glass jar.

02. Measuring Water

Step 01 – Measure a mug of water

03. Pour in the Cooking Pot

Step 02 – Pour the measured water in the cooking pot

04. Fire up the Stove

Step 03 – Light up the Stove and start boiling the water

05. Teaspoon of Powder Milk

Step 04 – Measure a teaspoon of Powder Milk and Pour it into the Mug

06. Teaspoon of Bengal Sugar

Step 05 – Measure suitable amount of Bengal Sugar( Made from pure Sugarcane) and pour it into the Mug

07. Hand Measure Tea

Step 06 – This is the critical part. Depending on your taste, measure suitable amount of tea with hand or spoon

08. Pour Tea in Boiling Water

Step 07 – Pour the measured tea in the water right before it starts to boil ( Before bubbles start to emerge)

09. Let the Color Settle

Step 08 – Heat the mixture until your desired color and density are achieved

10. Sieve the Prepared Tea

Step 09 – Pour the prepared the Mixture through a strainer in the Mug so that tea leaves don’t make their way into the final drink

11. Mix and Drink

Step 10 – Mix it properly with spoon. And start taking sip

This is the way I prepare my Milk tea. Cheers…!


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