My University : A Few More Places

The last semester has begun. After a few months, I’ll part with this campus. It Turns out that, I already feel sore about it. When officially I’ll no longer be a student of BUET, I’ll have to watch these photo to reminisce the evergreen memories and moments.

And I continue sharing the places that remain silent; always or not.


University post office, a place that used to be very busy in the old days; but not anymore. Thanks to the modern communication systems.


The forgotten entrance to the Old Academic Building, which has turned into a garbage dumping backyard these days.


No bulb there, just the socket and wire. The stair gets quite dark at night. North Block, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall.


The showpiece bench of Sher-e-Bangla Hall, where no one sits.


Here he rests, Shaheed Kamal Uddeen; a freedom fighter hailing from then E.PUET ( now BUET), who sacrificed his life fighting against the Invader west Pakistani army.


Hannan’s tea store, a place for hanging out and drinking tea or coffee.


Golden morning Light showering our Rag corner, a place where the students of seniormost batch hangs out. The artworks represent the cultural influences of the students of the rag batch.


The street beside central playground, where I take a walk in every single idle morning. The beautiful morning light makes my day even more beautiful.


The locked entrance to the Registrar building, which remains locked before the beginning of office hours.


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