Memories Remain : Part 1 ( Through mju II)

Finally, our ways parted. The moments can no longer linger, except in my memory palace. These memories, these moments would be the crowing jewels of all.


Department of Civil Engineering, You’ll be missed.


This very corridor holds countless laughs, jokes, despairs, sadness with my friends.


Cold, misty winter mornings always demanded a walk in the Playground.


For five years I watched this tree, every time when walked out of the Department, through Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter and so on.


The path leading to Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall from the campus…


In the classroom, this is one rare moment when I did something not supposed to be done; taking a picture during a class…


While most students prefer the Central Cafe, I always opted for The Stuff Canteen, the regular place to have a little snack and a cup of tea. In my (not so)humble opinion, The essence of brotherhood is more dominant and true to the core here than the Cafe.


In between the OAB and the Machine shop….


Though I was not a regular in the Gymnasium, but the environment was enjoyable in early winter mornings.


The overrated overbridge, which was,is and will never be used due to its inefficient placement. It has a nice decorative use though.


The Dining of Rashid Hall, the place to eat for the residents. Countless times I have cursed the food, ate nonetheless. Never thought I would miss the environment, strangely which I do now…


One leads to Rashid Hall, another to other halls.


Mozaffar bhai’s late night tea stall, the place to find relax for a few moments with a cup of tea during the stressful times of semester final examinations.


Tea, the unrivaled drink for all students. I developed an addiction here, which is probably not going to leave me in my lifetime. But, how it is going to feel like, to drink a cup of tea without a friend; that I am not so sure of.


View from the corridor in front of Room no. 502. I have passed so many hours standing here, just looking at the view; be it dawn, noon or dusk.


One of the last sunset I have seen from the corridor…


White clouds playing with the blue Autumn sky, along with gentle southern breeze. It felt good just to stand there, even for a minute or two..


These memories will endure, just like this bud blooming out of concrete; for nature finds a way in the harshest of conditions.


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