About Myself


A soul once damaged can be repaired, but is it going to shine like it used to?
A shattered mirror can be rejoined, but is it going to reflect light like it used to?

Why Photographs and a bit of writing ? To keep the inner struggle at bay; to slow down the withering of existence, to help this broken soul keeping itself together. That is my inspiration.

I am Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed, Civil Engineering graduate from Bangladesh. I prefer film over digital. Though I simultaneously use both mediums, preference

Most of my works would be a mixture of film and digital photographs.


One thought on “About Myself

  1. Dear shariar,I am very impressed that u took film photography in a very young age in this digital era.I myself is very keen in film photography.I would like to talk to you over film and analog photography.give me a buzz on 01688833181.lookng forward.razib

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