Of All the Humble Blessings

Little, overlooked things-objects or incidents often play life shaping rolls; most of which go unnoticed. Shouldn’t such small blessings gain our attention ?

Of All the Humble Blessings_01

Dried chilli, an inseparable part of Bengali Cuisine. Though this act of drying a small amount of already dried chilli looks all cute and joyful, but it makes night and day difference in the process of cooking and eating of an average Bengali family.

Of All the Humble Blessings_02

A grasshopper in the concrete jungle of Dhaka, rare sight to behold for sure.

Of All the Humble Blessings_03

Good health, a gift we almost always take for granted. But the ones with a lacking feel the preciousness of this belssing. Is it a humble blessing? Or a grand one? Who knows…

Of All the Humble Blessings_04

Religious books, often cited as Words of The Almighty, have been the major sources of social norms and laws. Though there are instances of extreme measures and illogical violences in these books; still the fact that morality, integrity, sense of justice are mostly derived from these books.

Of All the Humble Blessings_05

Once a source of immense joy and fun for the owner, this little bicycle is left alone to rust away. Once a blessing has become a burden.

Of All the Humble Blessings_06

Being able to see them in front, having meals with them, taking about past-present and future; how many of us actually realize that how hard it is for those who don’t have such luck?

Of All the Humble Blessings_07

A cup of tea is capable of making all the differences in particular moments.

Of All the Humble Blessings_08

Securing a spot, taking a look at the view and the mind gets refreshed.

Of All the Humble Blessings_09

During the scorching summer heat and humidity, fresh sweet water from green coconut cools the body, soothes the mind.

Of All the Humble Blessings_10

Being able to look at the beautiful colors is something to be grateful.

Of All the Humble Blessings_11

Playground, beautiful evening light and surrounded by greeneries, All of these make an evening to be cherished.

Of All the Humble Blessings_12

In midsts of lights and shadows, a short nap freshens up all the creatures.


Faces of East Bengal : 01

In my day to day life, so many wonderful faces come and go. Sometimes I feel sad due to the huge number of wonderful faces I couldn’t keep in my memories through photograph. But the faces, the expressions, the emotions I was able to capture balance out that sad feeling.

East Bengal is diverse, East Bengal is unique, East Bengal is beautiful. I surely will continue this series.

Faces of East Bengal_1_01

The Joy of Eid-ul-Adha, The joy of Being Photographed
Faces of East Bengal_1_02

And sometimes Eid is not all about fun, but starting to be responsible from an early age…

Faces of East Bengal_1_03

One of the Last Legendary Porabaari Sweetmeat Makers, who continues to carry on the legacy…

Faces of East Bengal_1_04

Not so much face to be viewed, but the irritation is evident…

Faces of East Bengal_1_05

The Jute man’s Portrait…

Faces of East Bengal_1_06

One afternoon cigarette, moments of solitude…

Faces of East Bengal_1_07

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 1

Faces of East Bengal_1_08

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 2

Faces of East Bengal_1_09

One Random Man from the Street…

Faces of East Bengal_1_10

The Paper Delivery boy running around…

Faces of East Bengal_1_11

The Wonderful Wall Climbers of Banasree…

Memories Remain : The Last Segment

Memories, no matter what they say, will eventually fade away. In my case, whenever the process begins I’ll try my best to resist it. These are the very last photographs I’ve taken of my beloved university campus, BUET. Stay lively, jolly and beautiful as ever…!


4th Floor, Left Wing, North Block, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall – our ways are parted now.


The corridor to North Block. The place where we used to sit, used to laugh, used to get angry on life, used to be thankful for what we had…


Couple of Singaras and a bottle of coke at the hostel canteen – the regular snack in the morning during classes.


During the departmental fests, the competition was fierce to secure the spot for highest rated fest in all aspect. Decorating the campus was a mandatory part.


The half wall was a place for buddies and couples.


It was the last time of myself seeing the campus in full bloom…


Rainsoaked Architecture dept. road, the shortcut way out of campus…


Aftermath of one of many fairs taking place at the cafeteria front…


Late night hangouts in front of the Shaheed Minar was common during Preparatory Leaves(PL), which helped a lot to release the stress…


Making a short drama during departmental fests was a staple part of each fests. The enthusiasm was enormous…


Cafeteria front in one of those last mornings…


Cafeteria front during the commencement of the last Civil Fest attended by ’09 batch.


Students performing in Civil Fest ’15 …


Dept. of Civil Engineering – the Grand Stair…


After each examination, students rush out through the front entrance. I used to be one of them….


Even a simpleton street light seemed close during the last days…


On the roof of Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall – view of ECE building on the brink of a strom…


South Block of Dr. M.A. Rashid hall during a stormy night – as seen from 4th floor of North Block.

Men of East Bengal

It has always been the posh-healthy-good looking people who get the opportunity to represent their race. Furthermore, when it comes to the documentation of daily life of regular men; the people belonging to the majority group are almost everytime get overlooked. It’s the minority who are the center of focus.

So, how does the ordinary men from ordinary majority group of East Bengal look like?  Are they good looking? Do they seem content with their life? What do they expect from life in the upcoming years? Does their expression reveal anything about them?


Men of East Bengal_01Men of East Bengal_02Men of East Bengal_03Men of East Bengal_04Men of East Bengal_05Men of East Bengal_06Men of East Bengal_07Men of East Bengal_08Men of East Bengal_09Men of East Bengal_10Men of East Bengal_11

To be continued…

Memories Remain : Part 2

The way I have seen the campus, the way the views were consolidated on my memories shall remain the same. Biological cells will wear out, but not the memories. They’ll keep shining like the light through a finely cut diamond, which would keep shining as long as the light source is alive.


Watching the Late Autumn Sun Rise from hostel roof in solitude, a memory I’ll treasure forever.


Sun rays piercing through mild mist in a winter morning, along with a cold soothing scent of wet soil – and I walked with a cup of tea in hand, taking a sip in every six or seven steps. Yes I’ll remember, definitely remember.


T-scale, made a transformation of feelings from nightmares to nostalgia.


The room where I attended the last class, that was a dark cloudy day. The nature resonated with our hearts that day.


V.C. cup interdepartmental football tournament, the fiercest competition for sportsmanship glory. Civil Engineering team won The last tournament I observed, and I was happy about that…


The last time they banged their head together, sang together, sweated together. The last concert, Rag concert of ’09 Batch.


After watching the sun going down for five long years from this very spot; I still want to stand there, feel the breeze, listen to the chirping of birds returning to their nests and the melody of Azaan. I don’t know where can I find such combination again, but live will move on. Sunset from the corridor in front of Room no. 502, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall.


Sun setting by the minaret of a Masjeed.


People fade away, objects remain. The place for hanging out, Rag corner.

Memories Remain : Part 1 ( Through mju II)

Finally, our ways parted. The moments can no longer linger, except in my memory palace. These memories, these moments would be the crowing jewels of all.


Department of Civil Engineering, You’ll be missed.


This very corridor holds countless laughs, jokes, despairs, sadness with my friends.


Cold, misty winter mornings always demanded a walk in the Playground.


For five years I watched this tree, every time when walked out of the Department, through Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter and so on.


The path leading to Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall from the campus…


In the classroom, this is one rare moment when I did something not supposed to be done; taking a picture during a class…


While most students prefer the Central Cafe, I always opted for The Stuff Canteen, the regular place to have a little snack and a cup of tea. In my (not so)humble opinion, The essence of brotherhood is more dominant and true to the core here than the Cafe.


In between the OAB and the Machine shop….


Though I was not a regular in the Gymnasium, but the environment was enjoyable in early winter mornings.


The overrated overbridge, which was,is and will never be used due to its inefficient placement. It has a nice decorative use though.


The Dining of Rashid Hall, the place to eat for the residents. Countless times I have cursed the food, ate nonetheless. Never thought I would miss the environment, strangely which I do now…


One leads to Rashid Hall, another to other halls.


Mozaffar bhai’s late night tea stall, the place to find relax for a few moments with a cup of tea during the stressful times of semester final examinations.


Tea, the unrivaled drink for all students. I developed an addiction here, which is probably not going to leave me in my lifetime. But, how it is going to feel like, to drink a cup of tea without a friend; that I am not so sure of.


View from the corridor in front of Room no. 502. I have passed so many hours standing here, just looking at the view; be it dawn, noon or dusk.


One of the last sunset I have seen from the corridor…


White clouds playing with the blue Autumn sky, along with gentle southern breeze. It felt good just to stand there, even for a minute or two..


These memories will endure, just like this bud blooming out of concrete; for nature finds a way in the harshest of conditions.