Of All the Humble Blessings

Little, overlooked things-objects or incidents often play life shaping rolls; most of which go unnoticed. Shouldn’t such small blessings gain our attention ?

Of All the Humble Blessings_01

Dried chilli, an inseparable part of Bengali Cuisine. Though this act of drying a small amount of already dried chilli looks all cute and joyful, but it makes night and day difference in the process of cooking and eating of an average Bengali family.

Of All the Humble Blessings_02

A grasshopper in the concrete jungle of Dhaka, rare sight to behold for sure.

Of All the Humble Blessings_03

Good health, a gift we almost always take for granted. But the ones with a lacking feel the preciousness of this belssing. Is it a humble blessing? Or a grand one? Who knows…

Of All the Humble Blessings_04

Religious books, often cited as Words of The Almighty, have been the major sources of social norms and laws. Though there are instances of extreme measures and illogical violences in these books; still the fact that morality, integrity, sense of justice are mostly derived from these books.

Of All the Humble Blessings_05

Once a source of immense joy and fun for the owner, this little bicycle is left alone to rust away. Once a blessing has become a burden.

Of All the Humble Blessings_06

Being able to see them in front, having meals with them, taking about past-present and future; how many of us actually realize that how hard it is for those who don’t have such luck?

Of All the Humble Blessings_07

A cup of tea is capable of making all the differences in particular moments.

Of All the Humble Blessings_08

Securing a spot, taking a look at the view and the mind gets refreshed.

Of All the Humble Blessings_09

During the scorching summer heat and humidity, fresh sweet water from green coconut cools the body, soothes the mind.

Of All the Humble Blessings_10

Being able to look at the beautiful colors is something to be grateful.

Of All the Humble Blessings_11

Playground, beautiful evening light and surrounded by greeneries, All of these make an evening to be cherished.

Of All the Humble Blessings_12

In midsts of lights and shadows, a short nap freshens up all the creatures.


Faces of East Bengal : 01

In my day to day life, so many wonderful faces come and go. Sometimes I feel sad due to the huge number of wonderful faces I couldn’t keep in my memories through photograph. But the faces, the expressions, the emotions I was able to capture balance out that sad feeling.

East Bengal is diverse, East Bengal is unique, East Bengal is beautiful. I surely will continue this series.

Faces of East Bengal_1_01

The Joy of Eid-ul-Adha, The joy of Being Photographed
Faces of East Bengal_1_02

And sometimes Eid is not all about fun, but starting to be responsible from an early age…

Faces of East Bengal_1_03

One of the Last Legendary Porabaari Sweetmeat Makers, who continues to carry on the legacy…

Faces of East Bengal_1_04

Not so much face to be viewed, but the irritation is evident…

Faces of East Bengal_1_05

The Jute man’s Portrait…

Faces of East Bengal_1_06

One afternoon cigarette, moments of solitude…

Faces of East Bengal_1_07

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 1

Faces of East Bengal_1_08

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 2

Faces of East Bengal_1_09

One Random Man from the Street…

Faces of East Bengal_1_10

The Paper Delivery boy running around…

Faces of East Bengal_1_11

The Wonderful Wall Climbers of Banasree…

Memories Remain : Part 2

The way I have seen the campus, the way the views were consolidated on my memories shall remain the same. Biological cells will wear out, but not the memories. They’ll keep shining like the light through a finely cut diamond, which would keep shining as long as the light source is alive.


Watching the Late Autumn Sun Rise from hostel roof in solitude, a memory I’ll treasure forever.


Sun rays piercing through mild mist in a winter morning, along with a cold soothing scent of wet soil – and I walked with a cup of tea in hand, taking a sip in every six or seven steps. Yes I’ll remember, definitely remember.


T-scale, made a transformation of feelings from nightmares to nostalgia.


The room where I attended the last class, that was a dark cloudy day. The nature resonated with our hearts that day.


V.C. cup interdepartmental football tournament, the fiercest competition for sportsmanship glory. Civil Engineering team won The last tournament I observed, and I was happy about that…


The last time they banged their head together, sang together, sweated together. The last concert, Rag concert of ’09 Batch.


After watching the sun going down for five long years from this very spot; I still want to stand there, feel the breeze, listen to the chirping of birds returning to their nests and the melody of Azaan. I don’t know where can I find such combination again, but live will move on. Sunset from the corridor in front of Room no. 502, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall.


Sun setting by the minaret of a Masjeed.


People fade away, objects remain. The place for hanging out, Rag corner.

Qurbaan – Journey of the Sacrificed

Eid-ul-Adha is the Festival of the Sacrifice to honor the Taqwa &  willingness of Ibrahim(AS) to sacrifice his son Ismail(AS) to obey the command of Allah(SWT).

Allah(SWT) says in Holy Qur’an, “It is not their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches Him: He has thus made them subject to you, that ye may glorify Allah for His Guidance to you and proclaim the good news to all who do right.” (Surah Al-Hajj: 37)

In Bangladesh, Muslim people sacrifice animal according to their financial ability which includes cattle, goat or sheep.

These chosen animals pass through the process of sacrifice in a systematic manner.


After being bought from cattle market, the animal is taken to the house of the buyer willing to perform the sacrifice.


The animal is fed and well cared before the day of Eid.


The last meals enjoyed by the animals are good in both quality and quantity.


In the day of Sacrifice, rope is being untied to take the animal under open sky.


Perhaps the animals do understand that their time is reaching to an end…


It is customary to give the animal a bath before the ritual.


After the bath, the animal is ready for the sacrificing ritual.


Butcher’s tools are thoroughly cleaned and sharpened for the awaited tasks.


The legs of the animal are tied down properly so that the sacrifice can be performed swiftly.


The body is kept still to ensure the least painful departure of the sacrificed animal.


Then the skinning process starts.


The tools required to process the meat are also prepared with care.


The severed segments are brought inside for further processing.


Teen boys often volunteer to keep flies and insects away from the meat.


After the processing is complete, the meat is distributed according to the law of Kurbaani ( Sacrifice). One third for the poor & deprived, One third for the relatives-friends-acquaintances and one third for own.

Thus ends the holy ritual of sacrifice to The Almighty.

Aftermath of A Book Fair

Ekushey Book Fair , the national book fair of Bangladesh takes place every year in the month of February, commemorating the valor of the Martyrs of Language Movement, 1952. Bangla Academy premises and Suhrawardy udyan are the venues.

Coming with astounding moral showcase, the greatness,pride & dignity of Bengali race are displayed with jaw dropping fashion.

& it ends with the labor of underpaid 5-6 years old kids.

I hope the readers get the gist of the event in this short description.

People love to throw junks at random and make the environment filthy in this country, Book fair is no exception.

The materials required to prepare the stalls are reusable & can be used in several consecutive years. Yet, the humble publishers invest weird amount of capital in this effort. It’s the book buyers who are ripped of in the process.

Suhrawardy Udyan is a popular place to hang out & make out. During book fair, couples can hang around easily than other times of the year.

The temporary lampposts are being diassembled.

The publishers who publish books protesting child labor, human rights use child labors to get rid of the temporary stalls. Child labor is cheap & it’s good for the enlargement of pocket you know…

The scene that sums up the level of moral & dignity these publishers & writers possess.

Cattle Market Chronicles – গরু ছাগলের হাটের ইতিবৃত্ত

Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two biggest religious festivals of Musalmaans. Major portion of Bangladeshi population call themselves Musalmaan & they celebrate this festival with sheer joy & enthusiasm.

This festival involves the ritual of sacrificing an animal ( which must be Halal) in the name of Allah, through which the devotion of the sacrificing person reaches to Allah in a symbolic manner.

As an animal is a must, this clearly boosts the requirement of healthy animals . To fulfill the demand, temporary cattle markets or Haats are organized in the cities & villages of Bangladesh. Such two temporary cattle markets are Aftabnagar Haat & Meradia Haat.


Arrangements to display the animals with the help of bamboo posts and fences are being prepared.


Fences & posts are ready, but the animals didn’t arrive yet. Children are making proper use by displaying their gymnastic capabilities !


Preparations are complete to receive the cattle.


Due to the higher chances of making a big profit, The Finest Cattle are brought to Dhaka from other districts in trucks.


Right after reaching Meradia Haat, a Truck Driver taking a nap. The highways to Dhaka suffer rampant pressure of traffic during two Eids, Eid-ul-Adha being the severe one. Driving a truck full of cattle & their owners takes heavy toll on the Truck Drivers & their helpers.


To safely bring the cattle down from the truck, temporary platforms are made from clay .


Multiple bulls are brought down at the same time.


Sometimes a few animals put a show of their acrobatic capabilities …!


Some of these come down calmly, just like the one here; walking without any agitation. But sometimes things go out of control.


Animals don’t follow the comfortable path sometimes & put shows like this once in a while.


…and this one completes the tumble & fall process.


After bringing down from trucks, animals are tied into the posts and fences in such a way that they can be fed easily & customers can easily examine them.


Sometimes a bit of repositioning takes place to bring the best of the lot to the best suited position.


A seller feeding his bull.


Sometimes the animals don’t feel comfortable & start making noises. This is taken as a sign of an angry animal, which can not be sold that easily. So, the Sellers try to calm them with sticks.


Sellers come in teams and they sleep in turns; right beside their animals.


There are demands for polythene based covers to make temporary beds,wrap clothing & other purposes. & business is naturally good for the sellers..!


Where animals are present, diseases also lurk around. Both buyers and sellers don’t want their animals to be sick. So,veterinary physicians along with required drugs are present in the cattle markets to keep things in order.


Small food shops are set up for the cattle sellers with little or no coverings. A few of the sellers are taking their breakfast.


Apart from temporary food shops, the permanent shops around the area also make good use of the business opportunity. Foods are being prepared in large cooking pots.


Arrangements are made to supply drinking & bathing water to the cattle sellers. In such hot & humid conditions, cooling of is a must…


A seller with his bulls.


Another seller poses with his bulls.


A portion of the buyers prefer to decorate their cattle with colorful & shiny plastic wrappings. This is another good business inside & around the Cattle Market areas.


A man with his cattle beautification products inside Cattle market area.


Not only buyers but also a large number of interested visitors come to the cattle markets. There are little kids among them too. This little Mullah was tired & sat there to recharge his energy. Did stroke a good pose though… !


After buying the desired one, people take their animal to home either themselves or they hire someone to help. A helper holding the rope of two bulls and walking them to their owners house.


The walk towards home – 2


The walk towards home – 3


The walk towards home – 4


The walk towards home – 5


After selling all their animals, the cattle sellers starting journey towards their home along with the profit & possessions.


Another Seller returning with quite a heavy load over his head.


A young man with few leftover cattle foods over his head starting a long journey towards home.


The trucks which carry the animals to Dhaka make return journey carrying the cattle sellers.


Cattle sellers over a truck, waiting for the commencement of the journey.


People returning to their home with their animal. In dusk, the rush towards the exit of Haat area is intensified.