Faces of East Bengal : 01

In my day to day life, so many wonderful faces come and go. Sometimes I feel sad due to the huge number of wonderful faces I couldn’t keep in my memories through photograph. But the faces, the expressions, the emotions I was able to capture balance out that sad feeling.

East Bengal is diverse, East Bengal is unique, East Bengal is beautiful. I surely will continue this series.

Faces of East Bengal_1_01

The Joy of Eid-ul-Adha, The joy of Being Photographed
Faces of East Bengal_1_02

And sometimes Eid is not all about fun, but starting to be responsible from an early age…

Faces of East Bengal_1_03

One of the Last Legendary Porabaari Sweetmeat Makers, who continues to carry on the legacy…

Faces of East Bengal_1_04

Not so much face to be viewed, but the irritation is evident…

Faces of East Bengal_1_05

The Jute man’s Portrait…

Faces of East Bengal_1_06

One afternoon cigarette, moments of solitude…

Faces of East Bengal_1_07

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 1

Faces of East Bengal_1_08

The RAAJ MISTRI (Mason) no. 2

Faces of East Bengal_1_09

One Random Man from the Street…

Faces of East Bengal_1_10

The Paper Delivery boy running around…

Faces of East Bengal_1_11

The Wonderful Wall Climbers of Banasree…


Men of East Bengal

It has always been the posh-healthy-good looking people who get the opportunity to represent their race. Furthermore, when it comes to the documentation of daily life of regular men; the people belonging to the majority group are almost everytime get overlooked. It’s the minority who are the center of focus.

So, how does the ordinary men from ordinary majority group of East Bengal look like?  Are they good looking? Do they seem content with their life? What do they expect from life in the upcoming years? Does their expression reveal anything about them?


Men of East Bengal_01Men of East Bengal_02Men of East Bengal_03Men of East Bengal_04Men of East Bengal_05Men of East Bengal_06Men of East Bengal_07Men of East Bengal_08Men of East Bengal_09Men of East Bengal_10Men of East Bengal_11

To be continued…