Memories Remain : The Last Segment

Memories, no matter what they say, will eventually fade away. In my case, whenever the process begins I’ll try my best to resist it. These are the very last photographs I’ve taken of my beloved university campus, BUET. Stay lively, jolly and beautiful as ever…!


4th Floor, Left Wing, North Block, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall – our ways are parted now.


The corridor to North Block. The place where we used to sit, used to laugh, used to get angry on life, used to be thankful for what we had…


Couple of Singaras and a bottle of coke at the hostel canteen – the regular snack in the morning during classes.


During the departmental fests, the competition was fierce to secure the spot for highest rated fest in all aspect. Decorating the campus was a mandatory part.


The half wall was a place for buddies and couples.


It was the last time of myself seeing the campus in full bloom…


Rainsoaked Architecture dept. road, the shortcut way out of campus…


Aftermath of one of many fairs taking place at the cafeteria front…


Late night hangouts in front of the Shaheed Minar was common during Preparatory Leaves(PL), which helped a lot to release the stress…


Making a short drama during departmental fests was a staple part of each fests. The enthusiasm was enormous…


Cafeteria front in one of those last mornings…


Cafeteria front during the commencement of the last Civil Fest attended by ’09 batch.


Students performing in Civil Fest ’15 …


Dept. of Civil Engineering – the Grand Stair…


After each examination, students rush out through the front entrance. I used to be one of them….


Even a simpleton street light seemed close during the last days…


On the roof of Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall – view of ECE building on the brink of a strom…


South Block of Dr. M.A. Rashid hall during a stormy night – as seen from 4th floor of North Block.


Memories Remain : Part 2

The way I have seen the campus, the way the views were consolidated on my memories shall remain the same. Biological cells will wear out, but not the memories. They’ll keep shining like the light through a finely cut diamond, which would keep shining as long as the light source is alive.


Watching the Late Autumn Sun Rise from hostel roof in solitude, a memory I’ll treasure forever.


Sun rays piercing through mild mist in a winter morning, along with a cold soothing scent of wet soil – and I walked with a cup of tea in hand, taking a sip in every six or seven steps. Yes I’ll remember, definitely remember.


T-scale, made a transformation of feelings from nightmares to nostalgia.


The room where I attended the last class, that was a dark cloudy day. The nature resonated with our hearts that day.


V.C. cup interdepartmental football tournament, the fiercest competition for sportsmanship glory. Civil Engineering team won The last tournament I observed, and I was happy about that…


The last time they banged their head together, sang together, sweated together. The last concert, Rag concert of ’09 Batch.


After watching the sun going down for five long years from this very spot; I still want to stand there, feel the breeze, listen to the chirping of birds returning to their nests and the melody of Azaan. I don’t know where can I find such combination again, but live will move on. Sunset from the corridor in front of Room no. 502, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall.


Sun setting by the minaret of a Masjeed.


People fade away, objects remain. The place for hanging out, Rag corner.

Memories Remain : Part 1 ( Through mju II)

Finally, our ways parted. The moments can no longer linger, except in my memory palace. These memories, these moments would be the crowing jewels of all.


Department of Civil Engineering, You’ll be missed.


This very corridor holds countless laughs, jokes, despairs, sadness with my friends.


Cold, misty winter mornings always demanded a walk in the Playground.


For five years I watched this tree, every time when walked out of the Department, through Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter and so on.


The path leading to Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall from the campus…


In the classroom, this is one rare moment when I did something not supposed to be done; taking a picture during a class…


While most students prefer the Central Cafe, I always opted for The Stuff Canteen, the regular place to have a little snack and a cup of tea. In my (not so)humble opinion, The essence of brotherhood is more dominant and true to the core here than the Cafe.


In between the OAB and the Machine shop….


Though I was not a regular in the Gymnasium, but the environment was enjoyable in early winter mornings.


The overrated overbridge, which was,is and will never be used due to its inefficient placement. It has a nice decorative use though.


The Dining of Rashid Hall, the place to eat for the residents. Countless times I have cursed the food, ate nonetheless. Never thought I would miss the environment, strangely which I do now…


One leads to Rashid Hall, another to other halls.


Mozaffar bhai’s late night tea stall, the place to find relax for a few moments with a cup of tea during the stressful times of semester final examinations.


Tea, the unrivaled drink for all students. I developed an addiction here, which is probably not going to leave me in my lifetime. But, how it is going to feel like, to drink a cup of tea without a friend; that I am not so sure of.


View from the corridor in front of Room no. 502. I have passed so many hours standing here, just looking at the view; be it dawn, noon or dusk.


One of the last sunset I have seen from the corridor…


White clouds playing with the blue Autumn sky, along with gentle southern breeze. It felt good just to stand there, even for a minute or two..


These memories will endure, just like this bud blooming out of concrete; for nature finds a way in the harshest of conditions.

My University : A Few More Places

The last semester has begun. After a few months, I’ll part with this campus. It Turns out that, I already feel sore about it. When officially I’ll no longer be a student of BUET, I’ll have to watch these photo to reminisce the evergreen memories and moments.

And I continue sharing the places that remain silent; always or not.


University post office, a place that used to be very busy in the old days; but not anymore. Thanks to the modern communication systems.


The forgotten entrance to the Old Academic Building, which has turned into a garbage dumping backyard these days.


No bulb there, just the socket and wire. The stair gets quite dark at night. North Block, Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall.


The showpiece bench of Sher-e-Bangla Hall, where no one sits.


Here he rests, Shaheed Kamal Uddeen; a freedom fighter hailing from then E.PUET ( now BUET), who sacrificed his life fighting against the Invader west Pakistani army.


Hannan’s tea store, a place for hanging out and drinking tea or coffee.


Golden morning Light showering our Rag corner, a place where the students of seniormost batch hangs out. The artworks represent the cultural influences of the students of the rag batch.


The street beside central playground, where I take a walk in every single idle morning. The beautiful morning light makes my day even more beautiful.


The locked entrance to the Registrar building, which remains locked before the beginning of office hours.

My University : The Neglected Corners

Almost all university campuses on earth are bursting with life,joy and fun. BUET was an exception up to the year 2005. It was known as the nerd camp of Bangladesh. But somehow situation started to change, thanks to the effort of some energetic and extremely enthusiastic cultural activists. Now BUET campus has become one of the most culturally active, dynamic and joyous campuses in Bangladesh. Though the nerd camp identity has lost it’s glory ( You have to sacrifice your previous identity to some extent to achieve another brand new identity), the newfound Identity is celebrated here with utmost enthusiasm. Cultural functions, different competitive programs etc. keep happening in almost every week.

Positive change? or Negative? That decision is for the students to take. Yet, there are some lone runners who prefer the old identity over the new one. Deviation from the root purpose might cause the uprooting of academic Glory ( which is already happening).

I prefer to stay separated from all the fun and chaos. I enjoy the quite side of my campus, I love to walk on those corners where the already popular or wannabe popular never come. And I do love to capture those corners in my memory machine.

01 - Semi Shattered Window

There are numerous windows with half shattered glasses. Nobody cares. If somebody care, he can’t seek attention. Everybody has got many more important tasks… Yet, at least the entire glass is not broken. There is hope.

02 - Of Crows and Colors

BUET campus has one of the highest concentration of birds in Dhaka city, for it holds a lot of trees within its campus. Dhaka city is a concrete jungle without any sign of green in it. BUET campus is at least helping the birds to stay around this godforsaken city.

03 - PUET

The new academic building is one of the largest single academic buildings in south asia. The view is full of tranquility in Dusk, and I often spend a lot of time watching the sky and the light bathed building.

04 - The Untouchables

These metals serve very important purposes, yet neglected. Well, neglecting is inevitable…!

05 - The Barren Antena

Once upon a time, when cable network was nonexistent in this parts, this antenna was used to catch clear signal for the Television . Now it is out of service. Yet it is there, tolerating the battering of sun,rain,dew.

06 - Sunbathed Garden

Residential Halls have very well maintained Gardens. But the students don’t appreciate the gardens at all. Appreciation for Nature and it’s beauty is not a part of Modern Bengal culture. It’s all about hiring sound systems, arranging concerts, throwing away all the wastes here and there and polluting the entire campus. BLACK & WHITE makes sense now?

07 - The Never Used Path

Once upon a time this path was probably in service. Now, the only purpose it serves in addition to being photographed is holding the fallen leaves.

08 - Post Office - A Dying Breed

This is 21st century ! There is no place for a traditional post office in this fast moving world, let alone in this ultra fast moving university campus…

09 - Of Stars and Piercing Rays of Freedom

Few moths ago, a new monument was opened for the public in Suhrawardy Uddan. This is titled as ” Swadhinota Stambha”, which can be translated in English as Freedom Minaret. It involves lighting up the entire minaret in such a way that the light shall pierce the dark night as far as it can. A country where power outage is more common than the availability of power, yes, very appreciable(!) monument.

10 - Exit and Entry

The corridor through which I walk more than 10 times everyday. The entrance and exit way from my Hostel building.

A Glimpse into Hostel Life

Life is quite busy as an engineering student. In midst of classes, labs,reports and exams; leisure is almost non-existent. Within this busy life, I try to keep some memories of this life through some small moments captured in my camera. As I am still studying,I really don’t like this life at all yet. But who knows, when professional life shall keep pressing even more, I would cherish these memories the most.

All of the photos here are taken in film. Please Click on the photos for better view.